Saturday, December 24, 2005

Immanuel Banner

Well, as promised, here is the completed Immanuel banner. This banner is, this Christmas eve, hanging in the sanctuary of Saint Stephens church, Sewickley, Pennsylvania. If you have seen my previous post on the Immanuel project you may notice certain differences in the features of Jesus. The Jesus in the first post is well, hairier. That is because the first post is not actually the first painting. The model for the painting was my dear friend Patrick who was at the time a pastor at St. Stephens. Patrick was much loved at St. Stephens and the banner looks like Patrick. I took Patrick's suggestion and added beard and hair to the origional painting. Patrick reasoned that while the good people at St. Stephen's might be happy with a six foot tall Patrick/Jesus since they know and love him, if our intent is to make banners for other churches perhaps it may not do to have more banners in which Jesus looks exactly like himself. Patrick is a very humble guy as you can see.
This banner is the first of several that we will be making available for purchase to churches over the course of this next year.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Mill

This is a painting in progress. It is probably not particularly interesting to see a painting that is not quite finished unless you are a student of watercolor. This painting is moving along quite well I think but, is lacking in composition. I have decided to bring some foreground foilage into play in order to complete the piece. I am happy with the background work. the sky is working for me. I have been able to achieve I think the sense of the humidity of the scene. I like the stone work. It is a result of reglazing. I am not happy with the unbroken lines of the mill on both sides. the foreground foilage should take care of the problem. I need to spend more time with the drawing in the foreground. No, I will not be painting to the bottom of the sheet. I will post my finished piece shortly. The finished painting will be $900.00 plus shipping and handling.

Secluded Pond in the Game Lands

What a lovely spot. This painting was done among others as a result of a photography and a plein aire day in the game lands about 30 miles North of my studio in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. The air was still most of the day so the reflections were pleasing if not quite mirrior quality and there were not too many bugs to contend with with the cooler days. It was a warm, late fall day. The peak color was off of the trees which in many ways makes for a much more interesting paint. I like the variety of textures that I get when some of the foilage has dropped so that I can see. As a painter, the eye candy of the full fall color is always tempting but, can also be a little boring I find.

The Immanuel Project

This painting represents the first in a series of paintings that I am doing for the purpose of making church banners. This one has already been produced as a banner and is currently in the sanctuary of St. Stephens church in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. Each banner will have a scripture associated with it. The banners are intended to be seasonal according to the church calendar.
The paintings are being scanned at 400 dpi which produces a very large digital file so that the artwork can be enlarged as needed. This one is printed on artists canvas which I think will prove to be the material of choice. the canvas hangs very nicely and is very durable. the ink is light fast so my hope is that fading should not be significant. Using this process custom banners can also be done without a lot of brain damage.

My hope over the next (2006) year to produce a banner for each season. This completed banner is for the Christmas season. I should be able to post the completed banner in the next couple of days but thought you might enjoy seeing the project as it develops.