Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dr. Showalter

This is a portrait piece that I did some time ago. It is still one of my favorites. This is April's brother. Ken is a professor of chemistry at the University of West Virginia. This piece was done on a half sheet of Hot Press paper. I like to work on HP often. It is somewhat more challenging than working on a paper with a texture.

Battwa Mother and Child

This Battwa mother was waiting in line at a medical clinic in the Western mountains of Uganda very near the border with Congo. In the painting is a distant volcano of which there are several in the Renzori mountains between the two countries. This was painted from one of the many photos that we took on our last trip to Uganda. We stayed with Dr. Scott and Carol Kellerman for three weeks or so. They are at this point the main medical resource the Battwa people have.

This piece is 9"x18". I painted it as a class demo recently. It is painted on dry, 140lb, "Kilimanjaro" CP paper.

Black Eyed Susans II

I love to paint these Susans. I did these as a class demo last week. I don't remember which class they were done in. This piece is 12"x12". I painted them on dry paper with a fairly dry paint with lots of pigment. I developed the background first, Cobalt blue into which I dropped Ultramarine and Cad light Red. the petals are Cad light Yellow into which I dropped Cad Orange and Cad Lt Red. the centers are Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber and Cad lt Red. I finished as I usually do with linework, working my way to the bottom of the page and finishing in two dimensional space.

Tulips at the Christy House

I painted these as a class demo yesterday. Someone had brought some nice tulips and planted them in the planters near the front door of the Christy house. My studio and gallery are in the house. It is a wonderful setting to paint in. Often in the warmer months we will paint outside in the gardens. It was about 75 degrees and it was a wonderful day to take class outside. Everyone did really well. This was my version. This piece is 9"x18".