Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Hunt-limited edition print

April's oldest boy was born at 10,000' in Leadville, Colorado. Most years that I can remember he has taken time to hunt for Elk in the Colorado high country. He brought back the photos of the hunt that this painting was done from. There are no roads into this area. Equipment and supplies are packed in using mules. This painting is available as a limited edition print. The painting size is 9x12 approx. enjoy.

Road to the Wanale-a'Sunrise' Painting

The Wanale is a mountainous area between Uganda and Kenya overlooking the plain stretching all the way to lake Victoria. Below the Wanale to the West is Mbale Town where April and I have spent considerable time and also a place where we have a number of friends. The population of the Wanale is largely Muslim. North of Mbale is a new Muslim university. There is considerable tension in the area between the Christians and the Muslims. April and I have on two separate trips been participants in evangelism campaigns in the Wanale. The Wanale is a magnificent plateau with towering cliffs and during the rainy season a place with many waterfalls. On our last rip into the Wanale we were to preach at a church on top. Our vehicle broke down about half way up and we had to walk in the last straight up three miles or so. It was very hot on the way in and we walked out in a downpour.

Moraine State Park-a 'Sunrise' Painting

North of my studio in Sewickley, Pennsylvania is a State Park called Moraine State Park. the park is built around a recreational resivior called Jackson Lake. April and me and bones spend some evenings here in the summer during the week. During the week there is seldom anyone else here. Pennsylvania has many fine state parks that are for the most part under used. This is a 'Sunrise ' Painting. As with all sunrise paintings the price is $100.00 plus shipping and handling. Enjoy.